Bernd Thiel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Trip of seven days in the Spanish Pyrenees 


                          The Zündapp KS 750s

    The original WW2 wartime bikes with sidecar will be provided by the organizer.

- Guided tours with original Wehrmacht bikes - Duration 7 days, distance about 500 KM
- in Catalunia/Spain
- From Lloret de Mar, 4 nights in mountain guesthouses, 2 nights in tents (equipment provided)
  Included in the price are:
- Fuel, accommodation, daily breakfast and a three course meal in a restaurant.

- Crew per bike, two persons.
Qualification to drive:
- driving: license class 1 (A) and age over 25 years.

- The group will consist of six bikes.
- We would like to experience with you a beautiful off-road drive in great nature.

                                per person 2.950.—Euro

      When you drive your own bike the price will be reduced by 980.00 euros.




More details                                               German please click here

The journey starts from Lloret de Mar.
Flight connections to Girona or Barcelona Airport.
We can arrange and a book a pick up from the airport.
After a briefing of the unexperienced participants and checking the driving skills, we will drive on forest roads in the direction of the Pyrenees.
About a third of the distance is on graveled roads.
With the bikes we will climb up to almost 1800 meters, cross rivers, visit historic mountain villages,
drive to a canyon with a small waterfall, almost 100 meters high.
The Two persons in the bike can share the driving by their own agreement.
There are also off road sections and river crossings on the route.
Here it is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions of the experienced organizer to prevent damage.

The roads, tracks and dirt roads are well drivable. Short route sections need a bit more attention (will only be driven day 5 + 6). They should not be a problem for the until now skilled driver
The group is personally guided by the organizer.

A support vehicle transports the luggage to the respective overnight stays.

Travel time June-August 2018,                  please contact us for availability

       1.  Sunday 10. 06. 2018 until Saturday 16. June
       2.  Sunday 17. 06. 2018 until Saturday 23. June     
Information about the organizer
Tour guide: Bernd Thiel
Bernd is a test engineer at the KÜS and automotive expert.
Bernd has already participated in several trips with his Zündapp KS 750.
Sometimes with me in the Pyrenees and desert tours in Tunisia and Morocco.
With his motorcycle he crossed Africa from north to south during several months
and toured part of South America.                                              H-P Hommes
                            The tour version takes place in cooperation with the
                            Ersatzteil-Dienst Hans-Peter HOMMES GmbH
                                       They help with travel planning,
               as well as with the maintenance and repair of the Zündapp KS 750s.
                 For inquiries about our trips, please contact:




   Zündapp KS 750
- 750 cc, 2 cylinder boxer with 26 hp
- Rear wheel and sidecare wheel driven.
- Transmission: 4 road + 4 off-road + 4 reverse gears
- Hydraulic brake rear and sidecar wheel, differential lock, unladen weight 440 kg
- Top speed 90 km /
   Producer:  Zündapp-Werke Nürnberg for the Deutsche Wehrmacht


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